Rustam Usmanov

Born in Rishtan (Uzbekistan) in 1954, Rustam Usmanov is a first-generation pottery designer. In 1980 he graduated from Tashkent Institute of Theatre & Arts, Department of Industrial Graphic Arts. After graduation he returned to his home in Rishtan and began working with ceramics. Rustam is a passionate ceramic master and he participated in numerous exhibitions in many parts of the world.

Besides leading his own ceramics workshop he is also mastering the artistic heritage of the old school of ceramics, investigates the artefacts discovered at archaeological expeditions in the area and recreates the lost ornaments. His artistry combines the knowledge of the folk traditions and high professionalism.

Handing over his knowledge and skills to future generations has been a big part of his life since many years. Family members and students are learning and working in Rustam’s workshop as well. This leads to a big variety of ceramic designs as every person brings in his or her own style. A small signature at the downside of each product stands for the person who created it. Today, his son Damir is getting introduced in order to continue the success story of Rustam’s ceramic workshop.

Each product bears the signature of its creator.

Product and Purchasing Information

In Rustam Usmanov's workshop, the ceramics are hand-painted with high-quality and food-safe glaze. This makes the plates and bowls perfect for setting an extraordinary table. You will find an excellent selection of beautiful ceramics in the Silkroad Designs store on the Oederlin Areal.

Opening hours until Christmas 2023 see contact

We present a selection of works on this page. Please contact us if you are interested in a particular object. Rustam Usmanov and his team would also be happy to produce a unique piece or set according to your wishes. We will prepare a detailed offer for you.

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