Anvar Kurbanov

Anvar Kurbanov lives in Bukhara, in Uzbekistan. He is proud of being part of this famous and ancient city, where his own story begins, where he lives with his family and where his workshop is located. He is an accomplished metal chaser and uses mainly materials such as brass and copper.

His interest in this craft started when he was 11 years old. On his walk back from school he passed the metal carving school in Gavkushon Madrasah. Every day he was fascinated to watch the Rakhmatillo Kuliyev, the great master of metal chasing, at work, when one day Rakhmatillo offered to teach him the secrets of his craft. During the first year he was taught to draw the patterns. In the second year he progressed on learning to carve on copper plates. He has been studying this craft for 24 years, and still, he says, there is plenty more to learn.

Anvar loved art from a young age. He was always fascinated by the patterns on the plates, which reflect the rich history, culture and spirit of his ancestors. The 10th / 11th and the 15th / 16th centuries were a time of prosperity in the history of Bukhara, a marvellous time for the traditional crafts. He therefore mainly carves patterns from these periods.

This ancient craft will last and can be enjoyed by future generations.

Product and purchasing information

Anvar Kurbanov uses brass or copper for his artistic objects. They are painted with cold enamel. They are suitable as serving plates for both hot and cold dishes, pastries and sweets. The beautiful pieces are also unique as wall decorations.

We present a selection of works on this page. Anvar Kurbanov would also be happy to produce a unique piece or set according to your wishes. We will prepare a detailed offer for you.

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