Feruz Temirov

Feruz Temirov was born in Bukhara, one of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan. Bukhara is famous for its ancient monuments, for great scientists and scholars and for artisans. Feruz is proud to live and work in this historical city, and is inspired by this environment.

The teaching of history, literature and music had a secure place in his family. Advised by his father Feruz applied for a place at the Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Music and Fine Arts at Bukhara State University. He selected the art of miniature because of its connection with history and literature. After graduating he taught miniature for eight years at his faculty, where he also explored science and developed his practical skills.

He deepened his knowledge of important historians and writers: Firdausi and Omar Khayyam as well as the well-known Hadith scholar Ibn Sina (Avicenna). Feruz particularly admired the medieval miniature school from Iran, Herat and Bukhara. By copying from them and their contemporaries, he developed and refined his ability to draw trees, flowers, animals and buildings in minute detail.

In his current compositions, traditional motifs are enriched with new themes and images. His ambition is to inspire art lovers of today and hopefully future generations.

The teaching of history, literature and music had a secure place in his family.

Avicenna - or in Persian "Ibn Sina" - was a Persian doctor, natural scientist, poet, philosopher and politician (980-1037).

The Book of Kings by the Persian poet Firdausi contains almost 60'000 verses.

Dancing Sheherazade from 1001 Nights.

Product and purchasing information

You will find a nice selection of miniatures in the Silkroad Designs Shop on the Oederlin Areal near Baden. Opening hours see contact.

Feruz Temirov is also happy to create miniatures with your desired motif and in the desired size. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.

For his miniatures, Feruz Temirov uses watercolours, tempera and acrylic paints. The paper used is old tissue paper, Samarkand paper (made from the wood of the mulberry tree) and other special papers.

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