Mahmud Nazirov

Mahmud Nazirov was born in 1982 and lives in Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan. After finishing the eleventh grade he studied for 3 years in college. He started carving in 2000 and apprenticed with a master wood carver. First, he had to learn to draw the elements, then he slowly started to carve himself. 

Today he works as a wood carver. This job requires a lot of patience. Initially a sketch is drawn by hand, different patterns of the shape, then the carving begins. When we’re done carving we polish, then block and finally refine the wood.

Carving is applied on different kinds of objects. There are smaller objects such as plates or jewelry boxes, which we also decorate with colorful paintings. Both the smaller objects and furniture such as tables, chairs, doors, etc. are usually carved on solid walnut. Walnut is used because it is hard and allows you to carve every detail, all the subtleties of a flower.

Mahmud Nazirov loves working with wood because it is a material which is alive. Also, he always loved to draw since he was a child. He chose wood carving because there is a lot of drawing involved. Sometimes he participates in exhibitions in different countries, for example in America, in Russia or in Kazakhstan.

Solid walnut is used because it is hard and allows you to carve every detail, all the subtleties of a flower.

Product and purchasing information

Mahmud Nazirov’s superbly crafted wooden objects are made from solid walnut. The walnut tree is common in many regions of Eurasia and its fruit is an essential ingredient in many cuisines throughout Caucasia and Central Asia.

On this page we present a selection of objects by Mahmud Nazirov. Please let us know if any of these pieces of furniture or deco objects grab you attention. Prices vary considerably depending on the size of the object.

Small objects such as jewellery boxes are available from approx. CHF 150.-. We shall be happy to provide you with a detailed offer.

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