Nutsa Kurdadze

Nutsa Kurdadze is a Georgian artist living in Tbilisi. She grew up in Georgia and sees this as the greatest influence on her art. The combination of western and eastern culture, which is so uniquely found in Georgia, also exerted a great fascination on her.

Her artistic talent has accompanied her since childhood and so she has tried different fields such as photography, stage design, jewellery design and others. Even though her education and current profession are not directly related to art, it has always had a high priority in her life.

By now, Nutsa has eight years of experience in creating oil paintings. This way of painting fits perfectly with the style of her works: her still lifes with objects that are no longer in use let you immerse yourself in times gone by.

For Nutsa, the most beautiful part of painting is when she can give the objects on the two-dimensional surface a lively, real appearance by means of skilful colouring. The objects depicted are authentic. Some of them were made by old Georgian ceramic masters, others are imported from Asia. Some of the textiles depicted have typical Georgian patterns, such as the blue tablecloth with the white paisley pattern.

Her still lifes immerse you in times gone by. 

The tradition of wine growing in Georgia is estimated to be 6000-8000 years old.

The tablecloth is symbolic of hospitality in Georgia.

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Nutsa Kurdadze has devoted herself to realistic painting. She mostly creates still lifes using oil paints on canvas or cardboard. All her works are finished with a Dammar varnish to protect them from wear and tear.

In this collection, still lifes have been collected that describe the Eastern influence on Georgian culture. The old-school painting style and vivid colours give the paintings a warm atmosphere and nostalgic mood. The artworks fit well on the walls of living rooms and kitchens, and especially go well with other vintage style objects.

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